Amber Anthony, a Lexington Fox

amber-1Amber Anthony, Age 25
Foxes of Lexington Interview by Mya Price

Are you aiming to say anything when you put together your outfits?
“I think that’s the goal that I always aim to have. For my work, I like for them to see me and say ‘she is very well put together’ ‘she knows what she is doing.’ ‘She is representing well for the company!’ When I’m not at work, I like to represent me as a person…very free, very flowing.

What’s your go-to outfits?
“My go-to outfit is always pretty much a romper or some kind of cotton dress. Anything I feel comfortable in, something I can go to the grocery store in, or maybe to a parent/teacher conference if I need to and still look appropriate. But I love comfort! As much as I love clothes, I hate wearing clothes because they restrict you, some of them are hard to breath in… I like the free falling type of clothing.”

So you talk about dresses, what about shoes?
“I’m definitely a high heel type of gal! Even though I’m 5’6’’/5’7’’, I don’t mind to increase my height! I think the taller, the better! I mean, who doesn’t like a nice length of long legs! At work, I wear heels on a daily basis. There is just something about hearing your own “click clack” when you walk. It adds to my confidence! I enjoy wearing heels all the time!”

What’s an outfit that never works?
For me leggings! I’ve never been able to rock them. I don’t know if I just feel uncomfortable in them..I just don’t wear them a lot! I don’t do a lot of t-shirts. Again, I prefer dresses or rompers, because I don’t buy t-shirts or gym shorts. I’m always in Levi’s, slacks, or a dress! Also, I can’t do overalls! I don’t know what it is! I just can’t do them. I just think it will look awkward like, I’m almost 12, but 25!”

When you put together an outfit, where do you start?
“I definitely try to start with my base…If I’m doing pants or shirts, I usually start off with my shirt. Like, what shirt do I want to rock? Do I want to do light or dark jeans? From there, I go to my jewelry and shoes. Hair is usually last because I know it’s easy to mesh and look good with anything.”

Do you have any tricks for styling?
“…don’t ever not buy anything that you don’t think is going to fit right, because you can always take those pieces’ home and do what you want them to do. Don’t be discouraged by size. Be comfortable in your skin, be comfortable in your skin, know what fits you, wear whatever you want, and make style a freedom! Just go out and do it! Rock that pink clutch with that teal romper!”

Have you ever gotten bored with your closet?
“I have! I feel like it’s more of me feeling like I need more things that are new instead of looking at what I actually have. I really like making clothing out of things that I have! Like one time I had this t-shirt that had to long side pieces and then I ended up cutting those two parts off to make a crop top. So I like to cut things or make things new! I’ve cut a pair of Levi skinny jeans into shorts and so if things are old, I will just go ahead and make them into something else. My mom gets upset because she is like, ‘why would you buy things just to cut!'”

Do you dress to reflect your mood or change your mood?
“I think it’s some of both. I think it depends on how I wake up feeling in the morning. I know by Wednesday–Hump Days–it’s always the hardest part of the week for me to get over. Definitely on Wednesdays and Fridays, I always try to wear things that are colorful and that will make me feel cute so that I can go through the day and feel happy. Mondays are the days in which I wear slacks! Fridays are my days to breath! I like to let loose, show skin, and wear my hair even bigger. The bigger, the better!”

Who in Lexington inspires you?
“I would say personally in my life my kids inspire me! There are three of them and they have grown up to be amazing children! Those girls do everything for me!”

Best places to shop?
“Best place to shop in Lexington…Well I love Fox House! My shoes are from the Black Market (points to shoes). I really do like local! The Goodwills are always the best! For work clothes I will go to JCPenny and shop Liz Claiborne and Joe Fresh racks.”

Amber Anthony is a director of admissions and marketing for a Lexington healthcare facility. Follow Amber Anthony on Instagram at @redd_haiku01.

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