Courtney Jones, a Lexington Fox

Courtney Jones, Fashion Blogger, Age 25

Foxes of Lexington Interview by Mya Price

What’s your go-to style trick? 

“(laughs) What is my go to styling trick…I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a trick, but I like to make things they’re necessarily not. Like this outfits (points to her outfit). I just threw a crop top on and I didn’t want to wear it by itself, so I put a t-shirt under it. I like things not being what they’re suppose to be…”

What other example would you use?
“Like wearing socks with heels… I like taking the most basic pieces and trying to take them up a notch. I wear some prints but I like to do a lot of basic pieces and then take those plain pieces and spice them up.

Where do you start your outfit? 
“My shoes! My shoes! Typically, when I go out I wear heels like always. So I have a lot but I don’t have a lot. So I pretty much always start with my shoes first. Like hey I want to wear this shoe tonight and then I will just take it from there. So typically my shoes and then my tops, because I really don’t have too many tops, so I basically try to work with what I have.

How do you experiment with your style in your earlier years?
“My mom would say every time we had company over–I was probably was around school age– that I would change outfits a lot. She said that I would have on one outfit and then five minutes later my family would notice that I had put on something else. I don’t really remember that, but then family members and people I’ve known for a while would say that I would put on a fashion show every time they were around.”

When you have become bored with your closet, what do you do to make you not as bored with your closet? What brings you out of that?
“Sometimes I shop, of course. I might closet cleanse and get rid of stuff that I know I won’t wear to make me somehow feel better. But typically, I just buy more stuff! Or I may just say to myself, “this is what you have, so just deal with it! Just make something out of it!” Or I customize a lot of stuff– a shirt that I will cut to make it into a crop top– a pair of jeans that I will rip up. — cut some part out of it or destroy it. I like to cut stuff a lot!

Best place to shop in Lexington?
“If I shop here in Lexington for shoes…Oneness for sneakers. If I go thrifting, I like to go to Street Scene a lot. If I go to the mall, I like to go to H&M and Forever 21. I love to go to Target, because you can always find something cute and every now and then, I will go to Kohls.”

Courtney Jones is a native of Lexington. Specializing in fashion freelance work, she has aspirations of moving to a larger city down the road to pursue a passion for fashion. She started her own blog and online store on Depop/Poshmark. To learn more about her style, fun finds, and much more, you can find her on Instagram as @rage_luvr or email her at

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