Braea Tilford, a Lexington Fox

Braea Tilford, 24
A Lexington Fox interview by Lauralee Crain Estill

What are you thinking about you get dressed in the morning?

What tunes I’m going to play. What’s the weather. I pick out my clothes after I get out of the shower. It might sound weird or lame, but I’m inspired by whatever music I’m listening to. It puts me in a mood.

Where do you start your outfit? For ex. Shoes first or shirt, etc. 

Bottoms. Winter time is really easy because I’m in black leggings all the time.

Are you aiming to say anything when you put together an outfit?

It depends on where I’m going. If I’m going to be in front of people and say I’m a style blogger, I should probably look like a style blogger. Always going for looking the part– you never know who you’re going to meet.

What’s your go-to styling trick?

Layering. I wear the same thing in the Winter time. I go fall shopping and buy 4 sweaters, 2 pairs of leggings and rotate, but I’ll style a different jacket or scarf over top. You can kind of trick people into thinking it’s a different outfit.

What’s your go-to outfit?

Right now, it’s jeans, my Stan Smith Adidas and a tee shirt. I just bought this Yankees hat and I’ve worn it every day since I bought it.

What’s an outfit that never works?

Anything involving jean shorts. I have really long legs and jean shorts aren’t working out.

What are you wearing when you feel most yourself? Why?

Dress pants and a waistcoat is always what I invision. I would wear that everyday if I could. I think it speaks to my character; Conservative in dress but very stylish. I really appreciate the business woman in me, so what better to wear?

When do you recall coming into your own personal style?

Middle school. I loved Limited Too and Teen Vogue. I had the Limited Too Catalogs and I would always get inspired on what to wear. I just knew I was Miss Fashionista of school. And in high school people would tell me you dress so weird–but now they’re wearing the same things I was wearing back then.

Do you dress to reflect your mood or to change your mood?

Both. I do get inspired by music I listen to, but I’m also listening to music that suits my mood. Sometimes I’m just not for pop music that day. I’m a little more soulful, mellow. Those are the days that I’m usually in my Adidas, Tee Shirt and Jeans.

Are there ways you wish you could change your style?

My hair. I have really curly hair and I have a baby face. So I can’t dress so sophisticated when my hair is curly. I’ve been brushing it back in a bun. If I want a more polished look, I know I can’t have curly hair–That’s how I feel anyway.

Have you ever gotten bored with your closet? How do you get out of a style rut?

You never have anything to wear, right? That’s me everyday. My favorite thing to do to get out of a style rut is I go to Aimee Song’s instagram– actually I love her sister’s style even more. I always go to them and see what I have in my closet that’s similar to what they’re working with and go from there.

That leads me to my next question. What are three places on the internet do you consult for fashion inspiration?

Instagram. Whowhatewear.comAimee Song@SongofStyle. And her sister’s name is Dani Song. And sometimes I’ll go to Free People or Urban Outfitters and find something on their models.

What are three places not on the internet do you find inspiration for fashion?

Magazines–all day everyday. Street style when I go to New York. When I go out, I love to look at whatever everyone is wearing.

What’s something new in fashion that you’ve discovered that has you excited?

Staple pieces that are timeless. I feel better about splurging on them. I recently bought a pair of Gucci loafers, and thought I need these. I’m a little bit older and right now is the time to start investing in those staple pieces. I love that I’m coming into that young-woman-era of life. It’s cool. I’m happy to ditch the Forever 21.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the last week?

I helped my sister throw her 30th birthday dinner. It was beautiful.

What’s the best place to eat in Lexington?

Distilled at Gratz Park. Favorite.

Where’s the best place to shop in Lexington?

I love Morton James.

Who in Lexington inspires you?

Can I say my fiance? He inspires me. We’re starting our own family. It’s inspiring to want to do more, work a little harder, push each other. And he’s really hardworking. He’s coming back from an injury from a career that he’s worked in his whole life. It’s inspiring to see someone who has faced all the adversity that he has, and continue to persevere and tap into that best version of himself. It’s really cool to see.


Braea Tilford is a style blogger and founder of the young women’s leadership conference Grow Lead Inspire. Before we switched gears to talk about style, Braea and I bonded about female empowerment and the joy of working with other young inspirational women. Learn more about her on her website and Instagram

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