Laney Von Trapp, a Lexington Fox

Laney Von Trapp, 27
A Fox of Lexington interview by Lauralee Crain Estill

What are you thinking about you get dressed in the morning?

A lot of depends if I have to go to work or not. If I’m not at work I like to wear skirts and dresses and take advantage of not having to wear tennis shoes and shirts that I can get stained all the time.

Where do you start your outfit? For ex. Shoes first or shirt, etc. 

I almost always know what makeup I want to wear before I pick my outfit. I pick an eyeshadow or a lipstick I want to wear and base what clothes I wear around my makeup.

What’s your go-to styling trick?

I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but I go more basic and work off my tattoos. Sometimes less is more for me because I already have so much going on. Especially in the summer; I’m wearing shorts and a tank top. Sometimes I steer away from prints or patterns because of how many tattoos I have. I really like the way it looks most of the time, but sometimes I try to be more subtle. If I’m wearing something a little more bland, it makes me feel a little more put together and pretty.

What’s your go-to outfit?

My favorite thing to wear is leopard print. I also really like to wear shorts and a tee shirt. I have so many tee shirts I have kept for sentimental value, that whenever I don’t know what to wear I’ll incorporate one of those because I have so many that don’t get enough love. Because I have too many.

What’s an outfit that never works?

Anything strapless or with skinny straps. I have big enough boobs that I know I can’t make it work. It’s made me embrace letting my bra straps show or wearing a cami underneath. Also, I’m kind of short and don’t think maxi dresses flatter me very much.

What are you wearing when you feel most yourself? Why?

Leopard Print. I like it as a neutral. The line between tacky and ew is wear I feel comfortable. And I’ve always felt really good in halter style. It’s pretty without being too revealing. I can feel pretty and confident in that shape for my body.

When do you recall coming into your own personal style?

In high school I went from wearing whatever my parents bought me to when I started picking out my own clothes. I had friends that were preppy and friends that were really eccentric. It made realize that I didn’t have to choose. I felt comfortable using aspects of both that I liked.

How did you experiment with style in earlier years?

All the stuff I wore in the early 2000. I went from wearing straight jeans with no pockets to weird Hot Topic clothes–there was no inbetween. I didn’t experiment in subtle ways because I would go back and forth between the two styles. I probably just looked crazy. I look back at pictures, I would cut pantyhose and wear it as a choker with weird Hollister shirts or my soccer shirts.

Do you dress to reflect your mood or to change your mood?

More often to adjust my mood.

Are there ways you wish you could change your style?

I wish I was better at layering. I feel really frumpy every time I wear layers. And I need to learn to accessorize better. I don’t think about jewelry that often. I see other people wearing jewelry in unexpected ways and get inspired by that.

Is there anything that holds you back from achieving the style you want?

My lifestyle. I love getting dressed up and I don’t often because I’m in bars a lot. I have to dress a lot more casual most of the time. If I had it my way I would wear dresses every day of the week.

Have you ever gotten bored with your closet? How do you get out of a style rut?

I get bored with my closet all the time. I have yet to find a way to settle back and like the clothes that I hate. I ended up doing a lot of closet purges and replacing things. Once I hate something in my closet it never comes back around for me.

What are three places on the internet you consult for fashion inspiration?

I don’t follow a lot of fashion instagrams or style blogs. I’ll click on something I like and get sucked into a hole of people and places, but I can’t think of anything that I actively seek out. It’s more things that I stumble upon.

What are three places not on the internet do you find inspiration for fashion?

My friends. All my friends dress differently but all really well. It inspires me to find something like it that would work for me. I’m also a really big people watcher.

What’s something new in fashion that you’ve discovered that has you excited?

Lately, my fashion crave has been consumed by wedding. I have been hyper aware of colors. Picking out bridesmaid dress colors. I discovered all these new terms for shades. Like dusty shale. It’s made me aware of differences in shades that I don’t think I’ve really appreciated before. I’ve been having fun shopping and thinking about colors in a new way just based on how meticulous you have to be for wedding purposes.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the last week?

Had my bachelorette party. We went to Nashville and got to eat a lot of yummy food and drink a lot of vodka. Hang out with my favorite people. It was a lot of fun.

What’s the best place to eat in Lexington?

Girls, Girls, Girls. Because they’re the best and they have a dessert named after me. It’s my favorite place. I go out of my way to eat here even when I’m not at work. I’ll come on my day off.

Where’s the best place to shop in Lexington?

I love Fox House and Street Scene but I’ve always been the most stereotypical mall girl. Nothing even specific, I just love the act of going to the mall and popping in and out of stores. I go to the mall an embarrassing amount. At least once or twice a week. It’s my favorite.

Who in Lexington inspires you?

It’s not one specific person. I’m friends with the most creative and interesting people and it’s never boring to be around my friends and acquaintances. They inspire me– I always get great book and music recommendations. I think as long as I’m here and surrounded by all these good people I don’t think I’ll ever feel stagnant.

Do you think about vintage when you get dressed?

As often as possible. I recently bought this orange feathered dress with feathers on the sleeves. I love it but I get too chicken to wear it.

I met Laney at work and interviewed her between tap pours and tab pays. Laney Von Trapp is a bartender at Best Friend Bar on Euclid Avenue in Lexington. She got married to her fiancé, Wes in October of 2016.  

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