Samantha Johnson, a Lexington Fox

Samantha Johnson
Foxes of Lexington Interview by Mya Price

When you’re putting an outfit together, where do you start?
“I run through the closet—I don’t literally run…I just kind of skim my fingers across. I usually try to wear something that is comfortable. I wear the same things all the time and my friends cannot stand it. They’re like ‘Samantha!’ I’m always like, no one will notice!”

Is there a certain color that you find yourself always wearing? 
Black. I love the color yellow. I prefer prints over bright colors. I’m not a cheetah print at all. Stripes, polka dots, and floral prints are my thing!”

Do you ever get bored with what you have in your closet? 
“I do get bored! Usually, I go to the thrift store to refresh my closet. I go to the one that is colored coded [Salvation Army!]. I go straight to the dress aisle and I will only spend $10-$20 bucks and get 15-17 things. When I’m shopping through the dresses, I look for pockets and belts! That old school paisley jacket with the gold…I love to find those jackets at the store!”

What’s your favorite accessory to wear? 
“This bracelet. I really don’t keep up with jewelry. I used to have a watch, but I left that in Italy. I can’t really pick jewelry out. I don’t go to the store with the purpose of finding jewelry. Like my jewelry like is non-existent.”

Favorite place(s) around town?
“Fox House Vintage! I really like the sunglasses at Street Scene. I love the big round glasses with the mirror image. I like the old school look, too. I really like the Goodwills in Maple Leaf and Hartland. Hartland has some vintage name brand things. There is a spot on Leestown Road that is a hidden gem [Pop’s]. If I’m going to buy jeans or funky jeans, I will go to Forever 21.”

Samantha is the Director of Communications and Events at NoLiCDC in Lexington, Ky. You can find her on Instagram at @SaManhattanPRTwitterTumblr.

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