Saraya Brewer, a Lexington Fox

Saraya Brewer
A Lexington Fox Interview by Lauralee Crain Estill

What are you thinking about you get dressed in the morning?

It 100% depends on what I have going on that day. I’m lucky to have a pretty casual dress code in my office– which can turn into lazy dressing. But if I have some sort of meeting, or lunch date, then I will plan my outfit around even the one time I have to get out of my office. Usually, I keep it pretty casual during the week.

Where do you start your outfit? For ex. Shoes first or shirt, etc. 

I’ll get fixated on an accessories. This belt, I got for my sixteenth birthday. I haven’t worn it in maybe eight years, but for some reason it was in my head this morning. Shoes are always an afterthought. If I’m not riding my bike to work I might wear a skirt instead of jeans. The people who I’m going to be interacting with that day. I let that dictate my outfit to a certain extent.

Are you aiming to say anything when you put together an outfit?

I’ve always thought as fashion as an overlooked means of creative expression. As much as someone is trying to say something when they create a painting, it’s always been a creative outlet for me. It can say something about my mood. I try to make it a little bit playful. The first time you see someone, what they’re wearing can really say a lot about someone, so I use it as a way an extension of who I am.

What’s your go-to styling trick?

I love dressing up t-shirts. I have huge t-shirt collection. I can’t bare to get rid of them. A lot of them I don’t wear all the time, but they have some sort of sentimental value. Whether it’s a concert t-shirt, or a really sexy form-fitting t-shirt. Dressing up a vintage t-shirt with a pencil skirt, that’s something I’ve always been in to.

What’s your go-to outfit?

High-waisted jeans, and a comfy button-up or cute t-shirts. I find high-waisted jeans to be really comfortable–I’m so glad they’ve made a comeback.

What’s an outfit that never works?

I never feel myself in high heels. As many times as I’ve tried, and as much respect I have for women who work them into their daily outfits, I cannot do it. Any time I’m wearing something that might look nice with heels, I find a way to wear dressy flats or or wedges.

What are you wearing when you feel most yourself? Why?

Summer fashion is definitely my favorite. If I could dress everyday as if I was heading to a summer music festival, I would. Skirts that are loose but have a little pop of sexy to it. A sleeveless dress. A tank top and a high-waisted flowy skirt.

When do you recall coming into your own personal style?

My mom started letting me choose what I wanted to wear when I was four or five. Looking back at pictures, I think there were questionable days, like second grade picture day. I always was putting together really funky outfits even since I was in kindergarten. My third grade teacher, I remember her telling my mom that she couldn’t wait to see what I was going to be wearing each day.

How did you experiment with style in earlier years?

I was huge into wearing hats. Looking back into my yearbooks, people would write things like don’t ever stop wearing hats–it was my statement. I had the Blossom hats, straw hats, Wayne’s World backwards hat, baseball and basketball hats. Hats were a huge thing for me from an early age.

Do you dress to reflect your mood or to change your mood?

I am not a morning person, so I always dress to change my mood. If I dressed to reflect my mood I’d be wearing really disheveled things because that’s how I feel in the morning.

Are there ways you wish you could change your style?

I think we all are held back by what’s considered normal. Whether it’s here in Lexington, or in general. Women tend to judge each other based on what we’re wearing. Even if we don’t realize we’re doing it. I think that holds us back from wearing things we might want to because have some concern for what other people think. I try not to be too concerned with that.

Is there anything that holds you back from achieving the style you want?

Unlimited funds and closet place.

Have you ever gotten bored with your closet? How do you get out of a style rut?

Absolutely. I will try to get rid of thirty or forty things at a time to get down to the basics of my closet. And I use that as an excuse to go buy five or six new things.

What are three places on the internet you consult for fashion inspiration?

I don’t look that much to the internet for inspiration, but I do follow a few store on instagram. There’s a vintage store in California called Painted BirdBona DragLaced with Romance.

What are three places not on the internet do you find inspiration for fashion?

I’m a huge music festival junkie, so I love going to festivals and people watching. I’m surprised why people don’t take more advantage of wearing something they wouldn’t in their normal lives at music festivals. I people watch at local bars. I’m pretty blessed to be friends with a super fashionable group of girls, so I find inspiration within them, as well.

What’s something new in fashion that you’ve discovered that has you excited?

High-waisted jeans and skirts.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the last week?

I went to Louisville to see The Growlers.

What’s the best place to eat in Lexington?

I love County ClubSmithtown has some of tte best food in town. Stella’s has a really great dinner menu–it’s one of our quiet date night spots.

Where’s the best place to shop in Lexington?

Fox House and Street Scene. Thrift Shopping. TJ Maxx for my basics.

Who in Lexington inspires you?

I’m inspired by people who follow their passion outside of their career, or make a career out of their passion. With my job I get to meet people all the time who are pursuing their interests. Like Lucy Jones who organizes a film festival in the community. I’m also inspired by people who get out and support all the local events, too like live music.

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