Emma Smith, a Lexington Fox

Emma Smith, 20
A Lexington Fox Interview

What are you thinking about you get dressed in the morning?
Honestly, I’m just like everyone else and want to be comfortable. Before I get out of bed I check my weather app and see what kind of outfit would best suit the weather. Whether I need layers or not, or if I can go with just a light jacket plays into what I put together.

What kinds of questions do you think about when getting dressed?
Like I said earlier, the weather is a huge factor for me. I HATE being cold. So I will bundle up with a hat, scarf, gloves, and a coat if I’m having to walk on campus that day. I always ask myself what I will be doing that day. If I’m on campus all day I’ll dress a little more casual, however if I’m going to work (where I’m a stylist), or out to eat for a date night, I’ll definitely dress up my look.

Where do you start your outfit?
For ex. Shoes first or shirt, etc. This is a hard question because it varies a lot! For example, if I find a piece that I fall in love with, that would be what I base my outfit around for a few weeks. However, I have many staple pieces that I gravitate towards on a daily basis. i.e.. AG jeans, black leather jacket from Topshop, black bomber jacket from Topshop, suede jacket, and my absolute favorite pair of suede booties that I have from Lola Shoetique.

Are you aiming to say anything when you put together an outfit?
I always want to push the boundaries with what I wear, but I would have to say presenting myself with confidence is most important. A lot of women say to me, “You pull off anything you wear, but if I wore it I would look ridiculous.” And I always reply with, “It is ALL about confidence.” You can rock any look if you feel confident and I hope to one day really be able to inspire women to feel the same way.

What’s your go-to styling trick?
Throwing a jacket over EVERYTHING. I love jackets and I have way too many, but I wear every single one of them. I really think they complete an outfit.

What’s your go-to outfit?
I honestly don’t have a go-to outfit. I have go-to pieces, but I’m always mixing and matching my pieces.

What’s an outfit that never works?
Hmm. This is a tough one. I’m a firm believer in the evolvement of fashion and experimenting with new trends, so I don’t think there’s an outfit that never works, just because everyone’s style is different and people should be able to express that.

What are you wearing when you feel most yourself? Why?
I feel most myself when I’m dressed up. I love wearing dresses, heels, and pulling out my Chanel bag. I feel most confident when I’m dressed to the nines, just because that’s my personality; I like looking nice.

When do you recall coming into your own personal style?
I have always loved fashion. In elementary school, middle school, and in high school I got best dressed out of the senior class. However, I think I just recently really came into my own when it comes to my personal style. My style changes periodically, so I would say my personal style will always stay evolving.

How did you experiment with style in earlier years?
Well my love for fashion started in just the 1st grade. I loved to go shopping with my mom and I never wanted her picking out my outfits, I wanted to be in charge of my own style at the age of 6. Funny story, when I was in 1st grade, I got in trouble with my mom so she took all of my “cool clothes” out of my closet and put them in a box at the top of her closet. So the next day, I had to wear a shirt with Winnie the Poo on it and I was mortified! My family and I still laugh about it to this day because what 1st grader, in the early 2000’s, would cry about wearing a Winnie the Pooh shirt?

Do you dress to reflect your mood or to change your mood?
Both! Fashion is honestly one thing in this world that makes me feel happy no matter what. If I look good I feel good, and I think a lot of people would agree!

Are there ways you wish you could change your style?
Not at all. I love my personal style and how it evolves on a regular basis. I’m proud of how far I have come.

Is there anything that holds you back from achieving the style you want?
MONEY! There are so many brands and designers that I wish I could afford, however let’s be honest, I’m in college, and just like every other college student I have to budget my money carefully. Don’t get me wrong, I still make room to splurge every now and then, but there are designers and brands I wish I could rock. One day!

Have you ever gotten bored with your closet? How do you get out of a style rut?
Oh of course. I get bored with my closet on a weekly basis. (Even though I have way too many pieces already). But what I do is create different looks with the same pieces. Mixing and matching has been a life saver throughout college!

What are three places on the internet do you consult for fashion inspiration?
I honestly don’t get on the internet very often to get inspiration. Most of my style and my looks are off the top of my head. However I do follow bloggers and different fashion accounts on Instagram. One of my favorites being, @ninasuess, she is a blogger based out of London. Her style is amazing and love getting inspiration from her looks.

What are three places not on the internet do you find inspiration for fashion?
My sister lives in New York City, so I visit the city often. Every time I go I get SO much inspiration. I love walking around Manhattan and keeping a look out for amazing looks. It’s exciting to experience a fashion mecca like New York City 3 to 4 times a year. I always come home with new ideas and am always pumped to work on my blog.

What’s something new in fashion that you’ve discovered that has you excited?
Something that I’ve discovered are all the new jobs and careers that are coming about in the fashion industry. Fashion is becoming bigger and bigger every day, meaning that the career opportunities are also growing. Social media is a huge aspect of fashion so a lot of jobs have been created because of that. I’m beyond thrilled to graduate and work in the fashion industry.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve done in the last week?
Oh gosh, I’ve been so busy with work and school this past week that I’ve been cooped up at my apartment being boring! But I guess the coolest thing I’ve done is I went downtown with a girlfriend to have a photo shoot for my blog. Being in college it is extremely hard to find time to shoot, and write for my blog. But I force myself to make time because it’s something that I’m doing for myself and my future.

What’s the best place to eat in Lexington?
There are so many! But I will always love Malone’s. I’ve had several birthday dinners there and I will never get tired of their filet mignon.

Where’s the best place to shop in Lexington?
I hate to say it, but ever since I started traveling to Manhattan regularly I never want to shop anywhere else. Nevertheless, Lexington IS growing and evolving when it comes to fashion. I love going to the little area around Woodland avenue. Some really cute shops have popped up and it gives me hope for Lexington and its fashion outlets.

Who in Lexington inspires you?
Well the person who inspires me doesn’t live in Lexington anymore, however it would have to be my sister Marcie. She has always pushed me to stick with what I love, which is fashion. She has accomplished so much throughout her life and it has inspired me since middle school. Ever since she moved to New York she has always opened up her apartment to me so I can visit my favorite city as many times as I want. She recently got married and now lives with her husband Christian, however they both are happy to open their home to me and I will forever be grateful for that.

Emma is a junior at the University of Kentucky majoring in fashion merchandizing. She has big dreams of moving to New York City to pursue a career in fashion. Check out her blog and Instagram to get to know Emma better. 


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